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Graph-like glitches on image edges when using Silver Efex Pro with Affinity Photo

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I've been using Affinity Photo for several months now, and really like it. I'm also using the Nik Collection plugins with Affinity Photo. 


Pretty much every time I use Silver Efex Pro with Affinity Photo, I end up with glitches/corruption along the bottom edge of my image. This seems to happen particularly strongly when I use the "colour filter" controls, and/or the "film types" to pick a film simulation. It shows up in the Silver Efex interface, and also in the 'rendered' result (though the exact glitches differ). 


Here's a screenshot of the corruption. After developing a RAW file I duplicated the layer & then opened Silver Efex Pro. After picking my settings, I clicked "Develop" to return to Affinity Photo. Pay close attention to the bottom edge of the photo: 




Zooming in, we can see patches of noise or lines along this edge:




I'd love to find a solution to this. Right now I tend to use the inpainting tool to remove them, but that can sometimes be fiddly and/or time-consuming.


I'm using Affinity Photo 1.5.1 right now, but this bug was also present in 1.5.0 and the 1.4.x series.

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Hey creature,


Edited - I've managed to reproduce this. I have also reproduced it in Photoshop which leads me to believe the fault will be with the Nik collections. Have you tried other apps as well? 

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I haven't got any other image editors that support Photoshop plugins, unfortunately, so I've no easy way to try in other apps. But yes, it happening in Photoshop does suggest it's a fault in the plugin. I was guessing it was in Affinity Photo, because I haven't found any other reports of this issue online. 


AFAIK Google hasn't come out and directly stated "We're not updating the Nik Collection any more", but that seems likely. So I guess I'm out of luck with getting this fixed. :( Thanks for looking into it, though!


(While trying to find info about Nik Collection updates I did find this report of the same problem; I'll link this thread there too.)

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Ah, that post is displaying what I was seeing on numerous images. It's a shame because the Nik plugins are generally quite good. Sorry I can't be of more help with this one  :unsure:

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