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Boolean operations with compound paths

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After performing a boolean operation on a compound object, I am having issues changing the color of the resulting object. It seems like the program is creating an extra copy of the compound object when performing the operation.

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Thanks for this file! It took me a while to realise which item was showing the wrong behaviour and which things you'd subtracted to make it - hehe! Now I'm with you - it's basically that if you do a boolean operation and the destination object is currently a Compound Object then it will incorrectly leave the original children in it. This is desirable if you did a boolean operation to add/subtract another path with a curve which was already clipping other objects - the objects would still remain afterwards, which is what you want. It isn't what you want when the destination object is a Compound Object though as it's children are no longer relevant after the operation.


What you have been left with is a curve which is the correct resulting path from the boolean operation, but it also has each of the paths which formed the original compound object as clipped children within it. This is the reason why you don't seem to be able to change the colour. When you select it and change its colour, it really is working on that top level object, but then it draws the clipped children in their original colours afterwards - so it blanks out the colour you've just drawn because the paths overlap perfectly!


If you go to the Layers panel you can expand that item (it says 'Curves') and see its children - select them and delete them and you'll see everything working.


I'll get this fixed, thanks!


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Hi Matt,


Thanks for your reply. Sorry I didn't make the file more self-explanatory. Thanks for giving me a workaround solution I can use in the meantime, I'll give that a try.





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