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[AP] Lags, freeze and slowness

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I'm really happy with Affinity Photo, great software !

I used it this week in production and noticed some freezes / lags which occurs in a random way, or at least I have not found yet the cause of it. I'm very surprised because I have a decent hardware ( i7 5960X and Titan X ), so I'm wondering if it really comes from my hardware or if AP needs a bit of work on the performances side.

By the way is there any setting I can use to improve AP performances and responsiveness ? RAM usage is already set on the max available. 

Thank you,


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I have the same problem as well. The program locks and freezes my computer. I have LR5 as well and it works smoothly.


My PC has i7 4500U CPU, 8 GB RAM. Is it not enough?





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Hi Sean,

No Display Scaling at all, I'm working on a 2,5K 30" monitor.

I didn't find a specific actions / set of actions being the trigger of the lags. The last one occured just now : after merging all visible layers, I click on Filters menu, and it took 3 seconds to display the drop down menu. Nothing too serious but having this issue consistently can be very frustrating. 

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