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Running FilterForge in Affinity

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I have filter forge 5 and 6 and they work fine on mac version by simply going to preferences and selecting it in plugins from there. There shouldn't be any need to mess about with anything at all. I would have thought it should be the same in windows version.

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In the past I already had FF not working, it happened at least in PhotoPlus releases.

FF came up with the solution when I contacted them back then. Their suggestion worked out and I documented it.

Indeed when installing the latest FF it didn't run in Affinity. I remembered the issue, looked up the fix and it worked.

Earlier this week in an other group someone asked about the exact same issue: how to make FF work in Affinity.

I sent him the attachment I added to this initial post and the workaround worked for him as well.


So I thought it would be useful to share this info among Affinity users.



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Hi Raymondo, 

Photoshop Plugin support differs a little between the two OS's due to different requirements/restrictions. There's no guarantee that plugins that work on the Mac will also run on Windows and vice versa.

We contacted Filter Forge a few days ago (after a user mentioned that they tried to contact us), to help them add full support for Affinity Photo both on Windows and on Mac, so hopefully these issues will be addressed soon.


@Thanks for the tip Roberto1972.

Are they already working for you with 16 bit images without issues on Windows?

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Yes, it seems an ever lasting struggle to fully support 8bf plugins: looks like ALL image editors in the past until today are behaving differently when it comes down to running plugins. One editor has such issues, the other different issues and with some bad luck a certain plugin refuses to start at all. I suppose all image editor developers find individual solutions for specific issues. Guess Adobe is not fully clear with the specs or documentation. Somehow all plugins work with Photoshop but the reason for that must be that plugin developers focus on sole compatibility with Photoshop. The latter is also the one and only reason I never completely said goodbye to Adobe: always still have Photoshop 6 installed (and Elements but PS Elements versions never ran well at all on any of my computers).


• 16 bit images without issues on Windows: it was not my post but when I heard from Filter Forge earlier this week they said:


(I filled in an error report showing up when FF didn't start up in Affinity; later emailed them directly when I remembered the 'old PhotoPlus fix' and told them that fix worked for Affinity as well):

1) We don't officially support Affinity yet. We contacted Serif about a few technical issues that prevent us from adding Affinity support to Filter Forge, but haven't heard back. You can help us by nagging Serif about adding Filter Forge support from their side.



(Asked them which exact issues so I could post them here on the forum):

2) Thank you for your assistance. You cam simply ask Serif to contact Filter Forge support: beside information on storing the plugin info and instructions on making Filter Forge a 'known' plugin, we will also need an NFR license for Affinity.


... so I'm sure with 'some technical issues' they also include the 16-bit thing. Filter Forge usually is constantly on top of things and they don't forget :-P


However, there might have been a door opened recently for fixing the preview issue in plugins created with FilterMeister!

Harald Heim from the PluginSite used to co-develop FilterMeister (actually most progress was thanks to him) but stopped years ago. Since then he used the FilterMeister framework for his own plugins and modified the original code (apart from additionally having moved the whole thing to Visual C).

According to him his plugins don't have the semi-transparent preview issue but he didn't know where the change has been introduced in the last 8 years of coding.

Now just the other day I accidentally discovered that I had his plugins installed from only one version back instead of the latest version: turned out all one version older plugins do have the semi-transparent preview issue while the very latest version NOT. So 8 years of time frame has been narrowed down a much shorter time frame.


I contacted Harry to notice him about this but haven't received a reply yet.

IF he figures out the cause he would inform Alex Hunter (FlterMeister owner/developer) about it BUT due to constant health issues FilterMeister development progress is incredible slow, so no idea how quickly the fix would be implemented.

Alternatively perhaps Serif can do something with the info if Harry comes up with something useful.



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Well, based on this thread, I purchased and installed FF. It either crashes or does nothing in the latest beta of AP as of 28Dec16. Followed the Help file instructions as best as I could. Hopefully it'll be working with AP someday, regardless that some may have no problems with it, it doesn't work on my system. If a bit more detail was provided instead of the "I installed it and it works" vague summary in earlier posts, one may realized what went wrong. 


Well, at least I have the app version. 

Mac OS X Catinlina, 2014 iMac, 3.5 Ghz Intel Core i7, Huion Kamvas Pro 22 Graphic Tablet, 16GB RAM, MacOS10.12 || Magic keyboard w/numeric keypad, wireless trackpad, Kengsington Edge Trackball || Flux Capacitor in a secure location


I encourage kids to go ahead and play on my lawn. I mean, how else can I make sure the death-traps work?

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