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I think in Illustrator, when you select a shape tool - you can perform a key command (I think option+click) to pull up a menu for that shape tool in order to pre-define the shape you want to create.

So, let's say you wanted a rounded rectangle at 100px x 100px with a 20px corner-radius, you would be able to set those properties in the options menu and then click a submit type button and it would create the shape on the artboard for you.

Currently, (as far as I know) you can only create the shape by clicking and dragging the shape to whatever size on the artboard.

I'm assuming there may be an options menu for at least some tools, or a feature request out there for this feature already - but just in case there isn't yet, here you are.



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Actually, I think it’s simpler than that. We’re talking about placement vs. drawing.

In Illustrator or Photoshop, after selecting a shape tool, merely single-clicking on the canvas (no modifier keys required) will call up the placement dialog box with some settings related to that shape (dimensions, radius, number of sides, etc.). Of course these same features are already present in the Control (Illustrator) / Options (Photoshop) bar (not sure what AF calls it), but as @jgrayillustrate says, sometimes you want to set those things before the shape is placed.

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