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Tim Gummer

What is Batch Builder and How Can I Use It?

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I'm always big on batch processing and an efficient export workflow.  I've spent quite a bit of time trying to get the most out of AD 1.5 exporting - but i'm still mystified at what Batch Builder actually does.


No help on it.  No google returns outside of the feature list saying: Batch Builder for multi-slice imagesets (Xcode asset JSON)



And it seems to be very oriented around touch icons - is there scope for more?



Please affinity, let us in on the secret?


one planet, one chance

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The "Builder" entry on each Slice generates a supplementary file per slice.  We currently have 3 presets, all for creating the JSON file used to define an image/icon for Xcode.  If you chose the Export Preset for a slice that defines icons you will see it fills the Builder entry out to create the right kind of JSON file for that icon type.


The "Batch Builder" creates supplementary files based on the entire export - so, all the Slices that are ticked for inclusion in the export when using the "Export Slices (n)" button at the bottom of the panel.  This can be used on its own or in conjunction with the per-slice Builders.  It will generate files in any or all of the folders in the tree of export folders.

It can be used if you use multiple slices (one for each resolution/scale) to create a single Xcode icon.  We also have a Spine preset which will create the Spine JSON file in the root folder of the export.


Without going into a lot of explanation, it's best to just experiment and see what files it generates in your export folder.  We will open this feature up in a later version to allow you to fully customise the Builders so that you can script additional files to output as part of your export.  This could be used for cataloging your output, generating XML or CSS, etc.

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Thanks - so basically - web UX/UI designer person should ignore Builder for now?


Am still wondering if some of these path fields and whatnot are something I could/should be making use of - or are they also Builder  / Xcode specific?   - http://snpy.in/vLArrz

one planet, one chance

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