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Hi there.

I'm trying to find a workflow for combining several (5-7) bracketed images with brightness masks in landscape photography. Something similar to the Tony Kuyper panel in PS.


The hdr module, for the moment, does not provide acceptable quality results.


I've sailed through the meager material about using Blend Ranges to replace brightness masks. Lots of potential, and plenty of empty space yet.


I would appreciate sharing your experience, your workflow, or some useful tutorial video on this topic.


Many thanks in advance.

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I´ve compiled some resources about blend if here



But you don't have to use the HDR persona if you don't like it.

You're can also do a HDR merge and then not enter the HDR persona but just tweak the image using curves and masks


And another approach is also very interesting as shown in this official video


Hope that gets you started



In fact, MBd, I had already begun with your previous great contribution. Very interesting the video, gonna try something like this.

But I´m trying to approach the work by importing the images as a stack, ungrouping them, and trying to merge in each image the correctly exposed areas of the lower image. I'm having a hard time doing this with the blend ranges.

The idea is to end up with a more or less standard process that I can record as a macro, and that I can use with slight adjustments for most of my works.I have seen some macros with channel-based luminosity masks, but I expect to find some advantage in blend ranges.

I will continue to learn. Thank you very much for your generous contributions!

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