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AP .0.45 and .1.47 - Summary of Things Not Quite Right

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Things I have noticed (so far) that are not quite right.


In DEVELOP Persona:


a) NEF files (maybe others) underexposed by 1.5 - 2 stops.

b) Shadows slider affects tones in a very narrow range cf. (Lightroom), so not particularly useful.

c) Using spacebar to pan does not change tool cursor to (say) hand, so is confusing. Does change in PHOTO Persona.  

d) Can't use specific camera calibration profiles. Would be nice if the use of ColorChecker Passport (or equivalent) could be integrated into the software as in Lightroom. Makes a significant difference to colour rendition.


In PHOTO Persona:


d) Selection keyboard shortcuts do not operate as indicated in the bottom left on-screen prompts; i.e. DRAG + RightMouse does not add to a selection when in the Subtract mode. Alt + Drag does subtract when in the Add mode.

e) Shadows slider in the Shadows and Highlights adjustments layer operates over a wider tonal range than in the DEVELOP Persona (see above).

f) Quirky mouse button presses required to (for example) increase/decrease brush size and hardness/softness. Not a deal breaker, but also not consistent with other software.


Some of these issues are being addressed in other threads. Collectively and until they are all resolved, they detract from the usability and enjoyment of the software. However, on the plus side, the package is generally easy to use and I will do so more consistently when glitches are ironed out!


Happy Xmas and New Year

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Hi aaturner,


Develop Persona,

a. This is a known issue and is with development to fix.

b. Do you have any photos you could attach so we can recreate along with the comparisons you've done with Lightroom.

c. This is a known issue that is with development to fix.

d. This is a feature request so you're best posting about it in the Feature Requests forum

Photo Persona

d. This does work but you have to ensure you hold down the Right Mouse button before you click and drag with the left. The wording on the status bar is back to front. I do believe development are looking at alternatives instead of using Right Mouse Button however.

e. Again if you have examples of these comparing those in Develop to the adjustment then please let us know.

f. This is related to point d above. It is the use of the Right Mouse Button that is making things confusing.

Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year!

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Wow, very impressed, lightning quick response!


Yup, I'm attaching an image taken some years ago that has some very deep shadows and good highlights. In Lightroom Develop module I can max out (brighten) the shadows and still preserve/reveal significant detail therein.


If I do the same in AP Develop Persona all I get is a muddy, featureless blob.


A technique I use for landscapes is to reduce/minimise the highlights, open up the shadows to the max and then adjust the white and black points to obtain an end to end histogram. Using that as a baseline I then adjust the image further to achieve whatever look I wish.


I can do this in Lightroom, but not in AP. The shadows slider in particular totally defeats this approach, although I can approximate my chosen outcome with much fiddling and tweaking; slow and cumbersome.




Have attached a Dropbox link because your post system does not allow me to upload a .NEF file.

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Something worth trying is a different workflow.


I'm getting pleasing results by developing in 32 bit mode(Mainly basic cropping) then using the Tone mapping persona to do the image look (Tone compression, Exposure, BlackPoint saturation and vibrancy).

Going back to the photo persona for sharpening, Noise reduction and Haze removal (works really well on landscapes)

Living the Dream since 1964 - about 25 years left

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Thank you pauls for your reply and suggested workflow. I have tried it and found that it solves part of the problem, but not entirely.


Please forgive me for being blunt, but from a purely personal perspective, I find that adding the extra step (tone mapping) slows down my workflow, does not improve the outcome a huge amount (at least not to my eyes), and begs the question "what is the use of a correction slider that is as much use as a chocolate teapot?" By the way, the shadows slider has the same poor/limited response curve in the tone mapping persona as in all others.


I suppose that my problem is that I am set in my ways, and if I am to change from my existing software, I would like to do so to one that performs at least as well as my existing one. AP does much of that and does it very well, but fails on a few crucial points. I purchased AP and AD on the basis of "benefit of the doubt" and because I firmly believe that a new kid on the block is definitely needed and deserves support. I'm sure that you will not let your legion of supporters down by correcting what appear, on the surface and to a non-coder, to be minor glitches.

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