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Improvements for margin handling

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As for print production margins are essential, it would be great to get some improvements on these.


  • If all margins do have the same size, it would be helpful just to enter one of them and carry it over to the other margins. This should be activatable by a tick as not every time all margins have the same size.
  • When I activate margins, the size of the margins should be added to document size automatically depending on the entered value. This brings the advantage that the original page size is always visible, there are less calculation errors and it would become possible to export the document with and without margins.
  • If margins are set, they should be visible on the page all the time. But there should be a view option to hide them if necessary. 

I think a good example how to handle margins could be Adobe Illustrator.


Thanks for review.

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Thanks for your suggestions. It sounds like you have a different way of working to what I am used to. If you are designing for print, say an A4 page, then how would including margins make the sheet of paper bigger?


How does that last point, about margins being visible unless hidden, differ from what we do now?

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For designing a A4 for print, I add 2 mm all around (301x214mm) that the printer can cut these to the final size (297x210mm) after printing. 


However, sometimes the margins disappeared after I made a change in the document settings. That's right, AD shows currently the margins, I just thought someone doesn't want to show them all the time, so it could be helpful for those to hide the margin line.

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