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Fade Tool? Is there one?

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Is there a fade tool, where you can fade the last action - form 0% -100%? (Like in Photoshop?)


Also is there a history brush tool?




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Hi Tesser,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

1. [EDITED] Go to menu Layer ▸ Fade. You can also change the opacity (fade) the effects/filters/adjustments directly in the respective dialogs (and also change their Blend modes there). Since they are all live (non-destructive) you can (re) adjust them whenever you need.

2. Yes, There's an "history" brush tool. It's called Undo Brush Tool in Affinity Photo and it lets you paint from a specific history step/state or from a saved snapshot.

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I'm not sure that you answered the user's question, so let's make sure we're all on the same page.

In Photoshop when your draw a line with the Brush Tool, the Edit menu suddenly has a new option called:

"Fade xxx" where xxx = the context sensitive / name of the tool you just used.

So in this example the Edit menu would now have:

"Fade Brush tool..." 


This is VERY different from the standard opacity level of an Adjustment, Layer, Effect, etc.

These are 2 completely different options.


I use this dynamic / context sensitive Fade tool A LOT in photoshop.

Is there any change this missing tool can be added?




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