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Dragging an object around the canvas pans the viewport even when nowhere near the edge of the window

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See this video:




You can see the movement on creation of the red rectangle object.

I then get it to happen a few times with some slow moves.

I reproduce it rapidly from about half way through with lots of quick moves.


I am using a Apple Magic Mouse (ie. the touch sensitive one) just in case that has something to do with it?


I cannot reproduce this using the trackpad.

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Hi Matt,


Automatic view panning can only be triggered when the mouse is near the edge of the window - if you're interested, it actually inset's the view's frame by 35 points and if you're outside that rectangle then it can begin to trigger the automatic panning function. So, in your video I would not be expecting the auto-panning to be what's causing the behaviour you're seeing. I think it's far more likely to be the Magic Mouse... I use a Magic Trackpad on my iMac and the built-in trackpad on my MacBook Pro, but one of the other guys here uses a Magic Mouse and I know we've had to add a few specifics for it already - perhaps this is just another case that needs looking at. Our problem is that we don't know we're getting data from a Magic Mouse - we'll just be told to scroll the view, so we'll probably just have to blindly disable scroll/pan gestures during object creation, which would be a shame :( I'll try to take a proper look at this soon (for that, you can read: I'll steal his Magic Mouse when he's not looking!)


Oooh, and hey, what's with the Xara icon for your avatar - I was hoping we'd broken you of that habit! Hehe ;)




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I think it must be some quirk in the data from the Magic Mouse. Hopefully you can solve.


You have almost broken me from the Xara habit. I thought it would be symbolic for me to remove it when I'm totally happy with Affinity. Almost!!!

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