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Save af files in tex format (xml, json...) for CVS repositories (GIT, SVN etc)

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I want to use Affinity Designer to create interface mock-ups for my projects.


I often work on projects by using a version control system, like Git, SVN etc. I want to include also my AD files in these repositories, so I can have all my work on a single place.


The problem is that these VCS works well when they handle text files, like source files and so on. Even my graphic files are saved as SVG or EPS, when possible. This allows me to maintain the repository as fast and small as possible. They usually don't handle well binary files, and if I modify them often, the repositories can became really big (that's how they works, storing only differences between files, and calculate differences for binary files is cumbersome).


Instead if AD can save its files in a text format (xml, for example), they can be stored in VCS far more efficently, improving productivity (at the moment we store binary files in a separate server for this reason). Obviously it's not possible to textify everything (like bitmap images imported in a AD file) but it's possible to handle them by creating fields with blobs, it's not worse in this case, but if I change other things maintaining fixed the bitmaps, the difference will be very small also in this case.


Is it possible to have the text format for AD project?

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