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Some issues with macros in Mac AP 1.5.1

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I’m using the new Affinity Photo 1.5.1 on Mac OSX. I’ve been having some issues with the new macro feature and would appreciate some feedback.

I created a macro to resize images to a standard format that I use on my web site. These are the steps:


1) Select Resize Document (opt-cmd I)

2) DPI: 150

3) Resample: Lanczos 3 (separable)

4) Size: 800 px (horizontal)

5) reduce the resulting image to view it at 100% on the screen (select Z on the keyboard, then Opt-click to reduce the size to 100%)

Based on the results, I think the macro is not recording step 3 and is instead using the default setting “Bilinear” to resample the image. This produces a resized image that is not as sharp as one created using the "Lanczos 3 separable" setting.


In the Export Persona, I have a preset that specifies Lanczos 3 (separable) as the resample method but, despite this, the images that were resampled in the Photo Persona using the macro are not as sharp as those resampled manually using Lanczos 3 separable. 

In addition, I found it impossible to get the macro to record Step 5 at all. Does it not record some keyboard commands or mouse clicks?


On a related point, why does the resize box in the Photo Persona always default to Bilinear? I almost always use Lanczos 3 (separable) so it's tedious having to change this every time. That's why I created a macro in the first place (which, in fact, doesn't appear to make this change.) Is there any way to set Lanczos 3 separable as my default or at least have AP remember the last setting used? If not, adding either or both features to AP would be a big help.

And one more macro puzzle:

I created a macro to sharpen the resized images before exporting them to be saved as JPGs. The macro is designed to present the settings for Radius and Factor so they can be adjusted. However, the default number for the Radius is often not the one I entered into the macro -- it changes depending on the size of the image.


For example, if I resize the image to the 800 px width, I get 0.4 px for the sharpening radius (the default number I entered). If I resize the image to 600 px width, I get 0.3 px for the radius. If I resize the image to 2000 px width, I get 1 px for the radius. There’s clearly some link between the radius setting offered by the macro and the width of the image in pixels, but I’m not sure why it would do this if I’ve given it a particular default radius while creating the macro. Is this the way it's supposed to work? The Unsharp Mask Filter doesn't do this (radius always defaults to 0).


Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated.

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 I have a very similar problem. I'm recording a macro in Affinity Photo to reduce an image to a standard size and resolution for use on the web:

  1. Change resolution to 96 dpi.
  2. Reduce image to 650 pixels across, keeping the the horizontal and vertical dimensions in proportion.
  3. Sharpen the image up a little after the last adjustment.

affinitymacro.gifUnfortunately, the macro doesn’t keep the proportions locked as specified (by a small locked padlock icon in the dialogue), resulting in a stretched and unusable image.

I'm using an iMac, iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015), with macOS High Sierra, version 10.13.5



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