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I am very impressed with your software but have encountered a few bugs.


I opened a pdf - so far so good. I edited the text, also OK. I save the file, also OK. I close the file and then reopen that file and Affinity Designer crashes.


But it’s possible to create a blank document and cut and paste the elements from the opened pdf to the new document, and save and reopen. But what a chore to have to do this.


When I open the pdf it creates a single view with a layer for each page. This is rather strange - if you are used to desktop publication. If I then print to pdf it saves only a single page pdf (the layer that's live). I would have to save each pdf page separately and merge them together outside the program. It will take multiple pages in but not publish multiple pages.


Viewing thumbnails. According to help: ‘click View in the toolbar and choose Page Thumbnails.’ No such option is available with an opened pdf.

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Hi MDavison welcome to the Affinity forums


Thanks for the kind words about the app. As you have mentioned you've come from a publishing route, which Affinity Designer is not designed to be as it is a vector drawing app. Hence layers instead of individual pages. It seems that Affinity Publisher may be more of what you are after when it is released in the future, so I would recommend keeping your eye out for that


In terms of your PDF crashing Designer, this seems to be something specific to the file you have, as you are able to drag elements on to a new document and it works ok. Would you be able to post the file on here or send it to support@seriflabs.com so we can see what in the file might be causing this?



Serif Europe Ltd - Check the latest news at www.affinity.serif.com

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