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Affinity Photo - Brushes Will Only Rotate 180 Degrees (0-50%)

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In Brushes > More, the 'Rotation' slider only goes from 0-50% (instead of 0-100%). 


This means brushes can only be rotated 180º, instead of the full 360º.  For plain round or square brushes, this may not be such a problem, however for shaped brushes this obviously creates a severe limitation.


As an example, if you're painting on a layer mask with a grass brush in order to blend an object, because you're only able to rotate the brush 180º, you can't use that brush for all sides.  That's obviously only one scenario, however the same would be true for lots of different types of brushes, I.E. Hair brushes, fur brushes, arrow brushes, etc. where they need the full 360 degree rotation. 


Additionally, there also doesn't appear to be a way to flip a brush on the X or Y axis either, although having the ability to flip a brush maybe more of a 'feature request' than bug per se.


Please see attached screenshot.




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Thank you for your reply and providing a work-a-round, however it seem odd that this is by design.  Therefore, would it be possible to move this post to the 'Feature Request' section of the site, as I feel that the slider should still allow the full 360º rotation of a brush head. 


Instead of restricting the slider to 50% for everybody, I think it would be a lot more usable to have the slider span the full 0-100% and then in order to accomodate for those who are only using a basic round/square brush with the shape compressed, just put a 'notch' half way along the slider at the 180º point and allow snapping to that point.

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Very strongly agree!  I love Affinity, especially coming off of Adobe, but this is driving me nuts - I'm doing hair retouching, and I cannot rotate my brushes to match the flow of the hair!  This should be a simple thing to fix and would provide more functionality.

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