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I'm no expert, but would be interested in Affinity if it were capable of producing product mockups like you can in PhotoShop. PS is difficult for someone like me, but if there were an easy way of applying, say book cover designs to photos of books with blank covers, and which deals easily with lighting effects, reflections and textures, then I'd be keen. Another example: apply a t-shirt design on a creased up t-shirt, so that the design maps onto the texture. I think there are psd templates in Photoshop for this kind of thing. Can it be done in Affinity?

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Hi steverob1066,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
The functionality is already available in the Affinity apps, - you can use embedded documents to achieve similar effects - however the tools available to manipulate/distort the embedded document are still limited. You can use a Live Perspective Filter (Affinity Photo) to apply perspective distortions to them, but there's no way to apply a mesh warp distortion for example. Check this video for an example of real-time Embedded Document Editing (the video doesn't show how to apply a Live Perspective Filter in Photo and continue editing in Design but should be enough to explain how you can take advantage of embedded documents to create mockups). Here you can find a mockupd shared by @MrDoodlezz which will give you an idea how to build them.

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