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AD crashes when trying to apply transparent color to effect

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To reproduce (version


1. Create an object.

2. In the Effects tab, select Outer Glow

3. Give it a non-zero radius.

3. Click the Color swatch in the Outer Glow panel. This will open the Color pop-up.

4. In the Color pop-up, click the "transparent" swatch (that's the small circle with a red line). AD crashes.


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Thanks Rubs - easily reproduced here! Will pass it onto development.


Good. See also here. I wasn't certain in which forum I should post because this is for both products so I posted in both just to make sure.

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Ahh I didn't realise my colleague had already replied to you earlier! If possible could you try to avoid creating duplicate posts such as this as it leads to confusion. 

If you are using a Beta build (Either Customer or Public beta with the orange 'B' then you should post into the Designer Beta on Windows or Photo Beta on Windows forums. If it is the retail, non beta build (Photo or Designer) then please post in Bugs on Windows (stating which app). This way issues that affect Beta builds are kept separate from those that affect the release build and allow us to monitor and respond to bug threads easier.


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