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[ADe] UX prototyping


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i hear that you want to make some prototyping tool (link). It's great move and if it's will be as great as i hope, i will be jumping meter high with pure joy. I love your Designer and it's very helpful to me. But thinks like prototyping and wireframes is make my life much more easier. Unfortunately now i must thinking out how to make prototypes with only .png or .jpeg files, and it's not very nice think. And i'm not talking about that i can't install any third-party plugins for Designer like Quant-UX or Craft. These programs make my life much more satisfying. I'm very supporting you in this idea, and when this will be done, the Affinity designer will be unstoppable :)


I have only few tips for you:


1) please make it more like Quant-UX, it's a great program for prototyping it has logic elements, build-in wireframe widgets, great screen grid with lines connections. (Only bad think is that i can't import my screens from Designer, only as .png)

2) layer animation, please make it, the Principle will be useless than.

3) Fixed header, fixed footer, very useful think

4) Own css, android or ios animations. Lot's of prototyping tools has only standard easing and when you want make some own animation or make material animations it is impossible to make it and than you are stuck because nobody want to see linear animations anymore.

5) Browser testing or live preview. This is indispensable. I want always see prototype in action and if i can't test on demand device it it's useful. The perfect solutions for this was on Pixate, only problem was, that they don't have browser testing, but they have developer tools like Chrome has.


I don't want telling you what to do, you are professionals, but maybe will be these tips useful :)


I'm really exited about this :D


Thank you for your great work!

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Good idea. I like AD and i bought it for UI and UX design. So adding plugins and prototyping features would be great and complete the app for UI/UX designer.


As a windows user this is a place where i am struggling. I use invision a lot and it's geared around sketch and photoshop mostly. And many others apps like principle, framer.js are all seem to be targeting MAC users.


It would be awesome if AD windows can somehow gets plugins to connect with invision or other popular platforms.

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