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[Multi] N-Up printing / multiple copies on a page

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I would love to see this feature in Designer:


When printing or exporting - ability to set up N copies to print/export on a page.


For example:

I prepare a business card.

I would like to print 15 business cards / A4 page.

So I set up 5 rows and 3 columns, select whether business cards will resize, define gaps, cutting marks...

I used Corel Draw years ago and it is a feature I LOVED. Very simple and automatic. When I change the design, it is so simply to print it again!


With Designer, I must mess with artboards, multiple copies, arrange... And when I change anything, I must copy again...




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You can get around this to a certain degree by going into the # of copies in the print panel and typing in 1, 1, 1, ...etc up to the desired amount. Though yes there should be an easier way

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