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[Request for Assistance] A few questions on the system and how the purchases are quantified...

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So then, first off; When I look at the purchase type (IE Business or Educational), I'm not too sure which one I fall under, as a casual artist.


Second, how different is Affinity compared to Adobe's Photoshop, in terms of UI?


Third, does the program operate with draw pads?


This is from someone looking for a Christmas gift, by the way. Cheers!

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Hi BlueGolisano,


Welcome to the Forums :)


As a casual artist you wouldn't need a Business or Educational licence you can just purchase a regular one :)


I have attached a screenshot of Affinity Photo's UI but it may be worth watching a few of our tutorials just to get a better look at t he UI and how it works when you are using the app.


Affinity Photo and Designer both work with drawing tablets If you tell me which one you use I should be able to double check it is supported.


I hope this helps!





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