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I would also love to have a photo manager from Affinity. Adobe bridge doesn't show thumbnails of affinity, and I don't think they will fix that soon.


Certainly a DAM is a good option, and I would like to have an hybrid like this:

  • The speed and work flow of photo mechanic (ingest, catalog, export and share really fast with color flags), and the keynote option.
  • Bridge tools.
  • Apple Photos (the timeline between years, months, days, events to preview really fast; and the face recognition), only that, the rest is awful in this app.

The less time you take importing and converting for bulk development, making a catalog, exporting for different sizes and qualities options in bulk and even adding watermarks, etc, the more you will be enjoying taking photos and perhaps making money with it. I will be more than glad to but this solution from Affinity.

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