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Any confirmation to the question asked above?


How to get a full screen preview in Affinity Photo?


I am specifically interested in this option while creating a Collage - a quick full screen option will be extremely useful.

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TAB should remove everything but you will get a border depending on the aspect ratio of the image. You can zoom in if you need to. If you are seeing the scrollbars, this is because you have them forced in the Preferences and seeing as we use OS X UI components, we will honour them. 

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The closest you can get (Windows, don't know about Mac) is to drag the Image tab just off the toolbar, then click on the windows size tab (see below). That does leave a small border (see full screen image grab with the car, below) but you can zoom in and out, scroll etc. I could, of course, have hidden the Windows taskbar on the bottom too.


It does mean a drag, then a click but I think that's the best option at the moment. Any offers ?


Just click again and drag it back when you've done.



Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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