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Affinity photo graphic tablet?

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Hi guys

Not sure if questions regarding the new released version of AP goes here?. I`m thinking of getting a good graphics tablet which I can hopefully use with Affinity photo (Windows version) and maybe not too difficult for the grandkids (and grandad ;) ) to use too. Any compatibilty issues/recommendations with AP with any of the graphics tablets please?. I`m running Windows 10 64bit. The Intuos range seem pretty good!.



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As for my recommendation, do not trust Ugee. I got an adjustable UG-2150 for Windows and there were compatibility issues. So I downloaded the Windows drivers from their website, and I lost pressure sensitivity. I was on a support case for about 2 months, but we couldn't resolve the issue. I am now using it on Mac. Although it is better by a long shot, it is still a little glitchy. Plus, the color quality on the monitor does not match the color on the computer monitor. I mentioned this in another support case, and they recommended that I contact another support system, but the email they sent me resulted in a non-existent one.

The website is still a work in progress. The "Comics" and "Shop" sections are not yet ready. Feel free to connect with me and let me know what you like or what can be improved. You can contact me here, on my contact page, YouTube channel, or Twitter account. Thanks and have a great day!

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My opinions, worth what you paid for them:

Wacom are probably your safest bet for quality and compatibility, although I hear Huion are also good (but I don't have any personal experience with them).

Wacom support and driver updates are also good.


A while back Wacom renamed their Intuos range to Intuos Pro (the Pro ones enable pen tilt in apps that support it) and their Bamboo range to Intuos (and are now using the Bamboo label for pens, not tablets), just to be confusing. However, any of the Intuos or Intuos Pro tablets should be fine.


As in Brian's case, I would recommend you stay away from the cheaper brands unless you are prepared for hit-and-miss compatibility and troubleshooting.


Using a tablet should be relatively trouble-free, although I recommend restarting the computer after installing the tablet software, even if it doesn't ask you to.


You might want to supervise the grandkids the first time they use it - I know one youngster who wanted to draw spots on something on the first use, so proceeded to hammer away with the pen with somewhat excessive force.

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Hi folks

Well borrowed a friends old Intuos 3 medium graphic tablet today and have to say I`m loving it. Its a lot easier to control than I thought it would be and it works fine with AP, its just getting your head around how the tablet maps to the screen so the Intuos pro medium is now on the New years must have list :) .



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I am making the migration from Illustrator/Photoshop to Designer/Photo and finding that I will have to do some fiddling to get my Intuos 3 to function the way I need it to.  it is doable, though.  I guess this is the penalty for using a product longer than 5 years and never having a problem with it as I discovered that Wacom stopped supporting my version of the tablet, so the buttons are now useless (except the zoom bar moves the canvas up and down instead of zooming in and out).  I really can't complain because it still works and has never been a problem.  If I had to buy another tablet, it would definitely be a Wacom.


Operating on iMac/OSX El Capitan

Mac User since 1991. iMac running El Capitan

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