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Any news about Affinity Publisher for Windows?

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Does anyone know when Affinity Publisher (sort of succeeding PagePlus) will be released?  2017? First half, second half?


Thanks for any pointers,



(happy user of Serif programs since 2008, recently bought Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo.)

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Though I do appreciate that you (and many other) wish to know and requested politely I think this particular request for info isn't going to be successful.


We are a very open company when it comes to information, but there are some things that are commercially sensitive, and our competitors would love to know.


Suffice to say that when there is more to know it will come from the marketing team in an organised way, and not as an answer to a forum post on a non-work day!

Patrick Connor
Serif (Europe) Ltd.

Latest releases on each platform 

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Just to get this thing started again after a month or so...... ;)

Any more news on this? I probably already know the answer, but hey... A guy can ask! :P

Also, what are the thoughts on importing old PagePlus (or InDesign) files into Publisher when it materializes? I'm about to start with creating an big "family tree" book, and looking to keep my options open on this.
I do understand this probably falls under the "we won't tell yet due to the competition" too... ;)





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