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I was trying to create a button using symbols and each buttons has different labels, so what I did is I disabled sync for the text and re-enabled it again once I'm done updating the text content I then tried to change the font family of the text but the change is not being sync to the buttons I updated. Is there a way for me to re-sync the text layer again so that if I need to update the font family I won't have to do it for every buttons..kinda defeat the purpose of using symbols if I can't do that.



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How un-syncing/re-syncing works can be confusing -- it certainly confused me, anyway. The not-so-helpful Symbols help topic says this:

A key feature of symbols is that you can edit object attributes independently of each other—this means that, when unsynchronized, a specific attribute (dimension, fill, effect, font, etc.) can be edited while the remaining attributes will still retain symbols functionality.


It wasn't very clear to me at first but the part I underlined is why what you hoped would happen doesn't. When you edit an attribute in an instance of a symbol while it is not synced, that specific attribute is "detached" & no longer will sync with changes made to other instances of the symbol. (You can see this in the History panel if it is open -- you will see a step labeled "Detach linked attribute.")


Unfortunately, for text objects in a symbol apparently there is just one attribute as far as symbols are concerned, which includes its font, point size, & even the text itself, so editing it while the symbol instance is un-synced will detach it & re-syncing that symbol instance won't 'reattach' it.


This might become a little clearer if you watch the Affinity Designer 1.5 - Symbols video. Starting at about the 8 minute mark, he explains how this works. Note near the end of the video, at a little after the 10 minute mark, how hovering the pointer over a symbol layer's name or one of its child layers will show which of its attributes are unlinked.


When I do that with text objects with the dashed red line 'partial sync' indicator, it just says "Unlinked attributes: text." That's why I think text has just one attribute, so changing anything -- font, characters, whatever -- detaches it.

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This came up before in another thread and I seem to remember that the Devs said they'd take a look to see if Text in Symbols could be improved (ie Make the attributes separate as R C-R describes above)


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