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Downsizing an image without fuzz in Photo?

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I've never had a problem downsizing images in any other application so I assume I must be doing it wrong in Affinity Photo. Screenshots taken on my 5k Retina iMac always end up enormous so I need to resize them. So I open the image, select Document > Resize Document, change the PPI to 72, and then change the dimensions (say, by half) of the image. What results is a degraded mess.


What am I doing wrong? I'm sure it's not Photo's fault, since it works so well at everything it can't possibly be bad at simply downsizing an image.

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Maybe this can help you.




Hi wumpabill,

Resize image (menu Document ▸ Resize Document... )will resize the whole document (the canvas area + all layers will be resized).


Resize Canvas as the name implies (menu Document ▸ Resize Canvas...) , only resizes the canvas area, that is, the white (or transparent if you set it to transparent) area where the layers sit above when you start a new document. Although the canvas area is not "visible" when you open an image, it is still there below it. You can check this if you change to the Move Tool select the image in the layers panel (make sure it's not locked) and drag one of the corners - you will see the canvas area (transparent - represented by a checkerboard) behind it. You may want to use this to add more space around an image to add more elements/images to create a composition for example.


If you want to resize the whole image to make it smaller (or bigger) use the File ▸ Resize Document command. Just insert the dimensions you want and press the Resize button.


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OK, that's what I'm doing. So why is my full-res image turning from this:





To this when I downsize from 144 PPI to 72 PPI and then reduce the size of the image dimensionally by about half:




I don't recall ever getting that kind of downsizing fuzz from Photoshop.

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Hi RedHotFuzz,

Have you changed the Resample dropdown from Bilinear to Bicubic or Lanczos?

The default algorithm (Bilinear) is not the best for what you are trying to do.


I will give that a try.

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