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Showcasing some incredibly cool designers and their artwork

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I'm delighted to have been involved in putting together this article on the popular Creative Bloq for designers using Affinity Designer... you'll know some names in the piece from this forum :)




Please share these talented folks' artworks by using the social buttons at the top of the article.


You'll also recognise most if not all the designs as they have appeared in some form on Twitter, in the product in some cases, in the forum, and in some Affinity marcomms. I take my hat off to these designers in particular for what they've achieved but appreciate all of you that are producing artwork with AD, I hope we're able to give you all an opportunity to look fantastic.


Designers in this spotlight piece are:


Val Motsch (Lescot)

Jonathan Ball (Poked Studios)

Ben The Illustrator (The Huddle Formation)

Neil Ladkin (Serif & Affinity Art Director)

David Wildish (FLOKK Creative)

Sascha Preuβ (Bubblefriends)

Paolo Limoncelli (UX-DesignStudio)

Ignacio Valicenti (IDV)




Thanks guys, Dale.

Twitter: @Writer_Dale
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Really great work here! It a testment to the fact that even though it has a few things still to workout it a very capable app inthe hads of very talented people. Yah, there stuff I wish for here and there but honestly, it's pretty solid and fun to work in already!


Thanks for Sharing !

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Great work! All are wonderful examples of what this app can do. 

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i'm so jealous ;-) !
their works are so cool ! i love it !


i am very excited to see the future of Affinity designer !

Clém !

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