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Trying to Undo while in "Export..." pop-up affects document

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I just deleted almost all the changes in an image I was working on when I went to export (File > Export...) the image and made a typo in the "Save as..." text field. I hit Undo (Ctrl+Z) and nothing happened, so I hit it again a couple times before I noticed in the background that things were changing in my image. It seems that even if you have an active cursor in a pop-up dialog box the window behind is still active and can receive Undo commands.


I haven't seen that happen before in any applications. Just to check, I tried a similar routine in several native Mac apps (e.g. TextEdit) and other applications old and new (e.g. Photoshop, Byword) and you can still undo in the active text field of a dialog box without affecting the document.


This was in version 1.5.1




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