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[APh] Version 1.6 - suggested additions

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I agree, the mask editing seems to be a bit difficult. I would love to see the ability to hop into a mask like in Photoshop, stay within it to make edits and apply adjustments. At this point when I try to apply, for example levels, it automatically exists the mask view back into layer view. This same behavior keeps me from jumping in with a pixel brush and painting out details and the like. Hope this feature is added. (If it is already, please show me the way ;) )

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- Ability to get grey icons in tools panel (small color stuff everywhere really hurt the eyes when working, would also feels more professional ...)




This is already available in v1.51.  Go to Preferences -> User Interface -> Monochromatic iconography.  You must restart for this change to take effect.



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- Ability to bind more keys for shortcuts (currently can't bind Backspace, on Windows at least)

- Snap to selections (box at least)

- Crop by any selection methods (crops to outer bounds)

- Context menus on the canvas (Quick brush change!)

- Protect Alpha switch for currently selected layer, or add Protect Alpha feature to ALL tools.

- Collapse panels into buttons to take up even less space, dockable wherever.

- Brush panel thumbnail grid (it's only a thumbnail list now)

- Snap to angles when drawing by holding down a keyboard shortcut (what holding down Shift now does NOT do)

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1) My main one: Improvements in the brush engine issues (in the known several aspects: Lag, starting straight line (together with lag making quite hard to draw small line details, or even hand writing), jitter when zoomed out, general jitter, etc. ) . (besides getting to have available the announced and so much welcome line smoothing / stabilization --> Many kudos for this addition. :)   )


2)  (this one for me is equally important....)   Also Possibility to deactivate the image trembling (the performance redraw)when the cursor moves or paints.  As an option in settings, even if disabled by default (at least, if settings get to be sticky).


EDIT: These two I know are a must (or show stoppers if not) for most comic artists, illustrators and digital painters...

AD, AP and APub. V1.10.6 and V2.0.3 Windows 10 and Windows 11.  Both are regular Windows,  I'm not in the Windows Insider program.
Ryzen 9 3900X, 32 GB RAM,  RTX 3060 12GB, Wacom Intuos XL, Wacom L. Eizo ColorEdge CS 2420 monitor. Windows 10 Pro.
HP Omen 16-b1010ns 12700H, 32GB DDR5 (corsair), nVidia RTX 3060 6GB + Huion Kamvas 22 drawing screen, Windows 11 Pro.



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