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I was wondering if there was a feature somewhere that you can take a object and "snap to pixel" like in Sketch and Fireworks - or some way to only use full pixels to create objects, move objects and even aligning objects. 


I've noticed when I export assets that are not perfectly lined up on a pixel, the object then becomes anti-aliased which is super frustrating, cause then i need to go back and realign every object. The fact that I have objects on a x (or y) position at 20.1is a bit counter intuitive to web design i think. 


This has also led to problems exporting and lining up the slicing tool (attached). 


So I guess my question is

1. is there a "snap to pixel"

2. is there setting to say "use only full pixels" in which objects would snap to?*


*I know there is the snap to pixel in the magnet, but that doesn't work when creating objects or moving them freely around. 






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Hi savagecorp,

Go to View -> Snapping Manager and make sure to check the following:

- Snap to Grid

- Snap to units: pixels

and any additional features you may need (guides, object bounding boxes etc)


This will enable pixel snapping for both object creation/moving/editing. Note that it will work for both half and full pixels. We are considering adding an option to limit it to full pixels only.

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Hey MEB, yeah I have both of those options set but it can still be a bit of a pain using the half pixels - I think it comes into play more when I'm moving objects around, and aligning them. 


An option to limit to full pixels only would be great.

This could also only be an option if you choose "web" from your file type. 

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Note that it will work for both half and full pixels. We are considering adding an option to limit it to full pixels only.


Half pixel snapping is entirely useless. The only reason I created an account on this forum was to mention how broken it is to have any sub-pixel snapping. Honestly, I think this ends my 10-day trial; doing design for screens/mobile requires pixel-perfect edges which are completely ruined by anti-aliasing on .5 pixel positions.


I'm trying to be nice here, but even just reading that the fix is only under "consideration" is disheartening. It may be that Affinity is not meant for screen designers?

Founder & Lead Designer at Amuses Me Games

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Hi n8o,

Welcome to Affinity Forums,


We were aligning to half-pixels, because at the time (betas and 1.0 release) there wasn't a way to position one pixel stroke correctly in a pixel grid since AD could only draw center aligned strokes. In those cases, the half-pixel snapping was helpful. Now, that we have added more features in the latest updates to the beta and retail, there's other ways to accomplish the same thing and the half-pixel snapping is a little less relevant (and even counter-productive).

When I said we are considering it, I meant that we are aware of the current limitations and working to implementing it. I can't give you a precise date yet because there's many other features being worked on. We simply can't implement everything at once.


Affinity is being developed to cover Illustration, UI Design, Web Design and Professional print needs. This is just the 1.0 version. We obviously can't cover all use cases yet. There's some fundamental features missing (check our roadmap) and refinements to be made, but we will get there.

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Thanks for the response. I came here as a long-time Xara user that switched to Mac. Previously, OS X has had nothing with the depth of features (especially speed) of Xara. Lots of longtime Xara users have been saying that Affinity has finally done it, and after playing for just an hour that's clearly correct. Affinity has the foundation necessary, and it's certainly an impressive 1.0 release.


My issue is whether I can use it for my day-to-day work, where I need a rock-solid tool to crank out graphics for screen. Pixel snapping is clearly a necessity. I really hope this is improved in a 1.x update, but for now I've continued my trial with a bit of a hack: I set the dpi to 144px (without using the retina checkbox) with pixel units, but set snapping to points, which are now 2px big. That seems to be effectively giving me single pixel snapping since Affinity prefers half-point snapping :P


So, I'll keep playing. Please keep up the good work.

Founder & Lead Designer at Amuses Me Games

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The new pixel snapping feature is nice!


However, it still seems to override all other snapping. Guides are basically useless as it will snap to any and all pixels regardless of nearby guides. There needs to be priorities for snapping, and guides et all need to trump the pixel snapping (or some mixed variation, such as guide snapping is still "strong" but the final result is rounded to nearest pixel). Adobe has this very solid ATM and it may be worth analyzing their methods.

Founder & Lead Designer at Amuses Me Games

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I like all the changes so far, and the rate that they're coming, so don't take my constant commenting in this thread the wrong way :P


I'm just a broken record. But I love Affinity. Just a broken record. 


But I love Affinity ;)

Founder & Lead Designer at Amuses Me Games

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I have the same Problem. I have activated the snapping in the Snapping-Manager.

But if I set my view to pixels and also the pixelraster on I have no snapping on my curves.

What do I'm wrong?


PS: How can I post small previewimages? :)

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Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

The Snapping Manager controls the global snapping options, but there's also local options for the Pen and Node Tools in the context toolbar.

The example you posted above is not very clear. What are you trying to snap to?



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To be able to snap to half-pixels (so you can position one pixel line correctly) set up Designer in the following way:

- enable Automatic grid (Raster einblenden) - menu View ▸ Grid and Axis Manager.... (Ansicht ▸ Raster und Achsen konfigurieren...)

- enable Snap to grid (Am Raster ausrichten) - menu View ▸ Snapping Manager... (Ansicht ▸ Magnetische Ausrichtung konfigurieren...)

- disable Force Pixel Alignment (Pixelausrichtung erzwingen) - menu View ▸ Snapping Manager... (Ansicht ▸ Magnetische Ausrichtung konfigurieren...)


Let me know if you still have trouble. I believe @Ben (one of the developers) is working on a way to improve this (placement of lines on whole pixels.

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I don't need half pixel placement actually, it would be enough if full pixel snapping would work.

Okay, I choose two corner nodes on a retancle and choose the nodetool(A) and drag the border. This is what I'm doing wrong.
In Illustrator you can drag borders with two choosed nodes, if the white arrow is used. But in AD you become a beziercurve from the borderline.
This is different to illustrator.
A round beziercurve it can't snap to the raster.

I appreciate your help!

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