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Is there a way to see how big a file is in memory to see why AP is becoming Beachballhalla?

In the info panel I only see Memory pressure which I assume denotes read/write velocity and Memory efficiency which I have no idea what it means. Especially since it displays as over 3k% which is interesting given what per cent means.


I haven't found a way yet to display the internal memory use. I can sort of guess it with iStat menus and TOP but that's the whole app, not just my file. I can't optimise the app but I can optimise the file for performance once I know what's causing what to bloat.


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Hi Frank,


Memory Pressure is actually the one you are looking for - once it hits 100%, it means Photo is using the disk..


Memory Efficiency is simply a measure of how well Photo is managing to remove redundancy internally (ie. clone a pixel layer - efficiency will increase - until you start editing pieces of the cloned layer, etc. etc.)


Hope this helps,



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Hi  Andy,

Just so that I completely understand, Memory pressure measures  what percentage of Ram  AP is  using and once it hits 100% then AP writes to Disk... right?

But I still don't get what memory efficiency is.... would you mind giving a more detailed description of what ME is and why does the percentage move into the thousands?





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