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Move marquee selection issues

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This happens for me in both the actual Affinity Photo 1.43, as well as the GM 1.5


When I make a marquee selection on an image, then move the selection to the desired place, then copy the selected pixels... pasting the copied data is not what I had selected.


As I said, I can reproduce this in both versions, as well as on different macs. It happens all of the marquee tools.


To reproduce :

1) Open a photo or image

2) Draw a selection marquee on any part of the image

3) Move only the selection to another part of the image

4) Copy the current selection

5) Paste the current selection


The resulting pasted layer is something entirely different from what I have selected.

Fwiw, enabling the quickmask does show me the correct selection.


This only happens after moving the selection, not when I simply select and then copy/paste.

I am using a Wacom and thought that this might have something to do with it, but I can reproduce this with my trackpad too.

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Helo Meb,


No, this happens with fresh images that I opened. No prior editing has been done at all.


the 5 steps I posted are the only things I need to do to make this happen.

If it doesn't happen with you, there must be some setting that I have mistakenly filled in, but I have no idea where such an offset can be set...

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