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Marc Lindfors

Lines Dissapearing and Jagged Strokes in 1.5

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Hi Affinity Team - I noticed Affinity Designer has been a little buggy since the last 1.5 update. Anybody else out there having these two issues?


1.) When I draw a line and zoom out a little the line disappear and when I zoom back in a little it comes back. It didn't do this before. Any ideas? The first two attachment below are the example of what I'm talking about.


2.) I notice now when I draw circles with strokes the stokes looks jagged and pixelated. The exports are even worse. The next three attachment below shows examples.


Thanks guys.








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It's me again. So the second issue was my fault. My bad guys/gals :D, I think I did something by accident b/c I reset it to default setting and there's no more jagged edges on stokes. Case closed on that one, but I am still having the disappearing line issue tho..

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