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Affinity Designer - Boolean operations issue with curved shapes

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When you join two shapes that are the result of the division of two curved overlapping shapes, a lot of nodes are left behind.


You can reproduce this issue by following these steps:



1. Create two shapes and make them overlap. Select both and choose the Divide boolean operation.





2. Select one of the shapes together with the overlapping shape that resulted from the division and apply the boolean Add operation.





3. This results in a lot of extra nodes that shouldn't be there. This happens with any curved shape, not with straight lines.





You can work around this issue by copying one of the shapes and subtracting it from the other shape, but a fix would be nice :)


Kind regards,






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Hey Chris

On 12/6/2016 at 11:50 AM, Chris B said:

Thanks Karel, I've reproduced this. It doesn't look great does it. I'll pass it over to the team and see what they think! 

Any News on this?
i can still reproduce this.


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