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Can't change font size of new paragraph style

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I defined a paragraph style GTD filler 1 and formatted some text boxes. I wanted to change the font size in the EDIT TEXT STYLE dialog box. On the FONT page, in the drop down FONT SIZE the entry KEINE ÄNDERUNG // NO CHANGE was automatically selected. When hovering another size from the list, my text is corectly previewed with the hovered size in background of the dialogue box. But when I actually select a font size to change it, the preview switches back to the former size. When I open the dialog box again, the entry for the font size automatically switched back to KEINE ÄNDERUNG // NO CHANGE. I am not able to control the font size in a paragraph style :-(


NOTE: My language setting from installing the app was DEFAULT which is German. When I changed the system language in the preferences dialog to English to report the bug, I can not reconstruct the issue. I changed it back to German and the bug is back. 


Thanks for your support!


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