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Symbols: pixel layers in symbols move erratically when symbol is moved

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When 2 symbols containing pixel layers are moved, 1 of the pixel layers will also move relative to the symbol. i.e. a symbol containing a rectangle layer with a pixel layer centred on top has 2 instances on screen. When the 2 instances are moved together, one of the pixel images will (probably) be outside the rectangle, the other will be centred, as it should be.


See attached video.


- Draw a rectangle

- Make it a symbol

- Duplicate it (alt + drag)

- Go to pixel persona

- Draw a pixel image on top of the rectangle 

(on the video I draw the image then drag it into the symbol)

- There are now 2 identical symbols containing a rectangle with a pixel image on top

- Go back to draw persona

- Select both symbols and drag elsewhere on the screen

- 1 symbol does what you think it should do (move where you've dragged it)

- The other symbol also moves but the pixel image moves somewhere else

- (Select the pixel layer for the erroneous pixel image and the highlight box appears in a different place to the image)


OSX 10.11.6

Designer 1.5.4



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