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Tint doesn't change hex value

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Create a shape and fill it with black, #000000


View > Studio > Color


Color > Dropdown menu > Tint


Change to 50%


Open the "Color Chooser" window.


The hex value hasn't been changed, and remains #000000. (Color pick the same shape/color, and you'll get the correct hex value)

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Hey rad, welcome to the Affinity Forums.

I see what you are saying, however I believe that this might be how it should work.

When you adjust the tint, you are changing the tint but not necessarily the colour. If you colour pick the 50% tint with the Colour Picker, the values change but the tint is also changed back to 100% for the new colour.


I've just checked this in Illustrator and I seem to be getting the same results (see attached). The CMYK values are still true even though the shape shows it is white.




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In Illustrator


Open the color picker window > #000000 (don't create a global color..) > create a shape and change the Grayscale slider. The Hex value will change. Repeat the same process in Affinity Designer and it won't change.


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