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[AD] Layout Grid, hopefully compatible with constraints

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Ok, so one of the paramount useful features of Sketch is layout grids. Being able to define a layout grid with columns and gutters without resorting to a mess with guides is great.


I believe the Affinity could improve greatly on the Sketch grid, so here is my proposition for the improved layout grid and thoughts on how it could interact with the constraints feature that really needs to be fleshed out as well.



First of all


Affinity Layout Grid


  • Create Movable grids with columns and gutters
  • Grids should be resizable but should keep their ratios
  • Support for breakpoints in grid definition, eg. the same grid should switch to mobile view if resized smaller.
  • Padding around the grid should be separated from gutter values.
  • Support snapping
  • Support nameable size ranges (breakpoints) (eg. define XL as a range, L as a range etc.)


Affinity Improved Constraints


  • Support fixed distance padding eg. 20px manually entered
  • Constrain to columns from the layout grid
  • Support  and remember breakpoints when constraining to layout grid
  • Toggle visibility based on layout grid range
  • Reflow text options
  • Support minimum flex, (eg. resize with this untill this unit is 100px wide)
  • support Div flowing, when resized smaller than minimum flex, reflow other objects as divs would.
  • Support different symbols based on layout grid range, toggle to replace an area with another symbol when going down to small views


I'd love to see any number of these features implemented, with things like this we could actually create responsive flexible layouts that would be able to be resized instead of creating multiple views for each page.

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It's been said a few times - big improvements to grids will be coming in the future.

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