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Biscuit's adventures in Affinity Designer

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Hi there,

I'm a graphic designer mostly working in InDesign and have been playing with AD since it started in beta. Following some presentable experiments along the way.
I'm quite typography-oriented so tried out typesetting and opentype options first.
Here I was trying the pencil tool and path handling. The texturing is done with a grunge texture with layer blend ranges applied, set to erase blend mode.
Continuing with power duplicate and layer masking in the pixel persona. 'Refine selection' should be useful here but couldn't get any helpful results.
Here I was getting the hang of gradients and symbols with the leaves at the bottom. The geometric background pattern wasn't created by me.
This capital R started out as a comparison between node types: manual brezier curves vs auto smooth nodes.
Combining brushes with a photo. I don't draw well and haven't found my smooth AD inking groove yet.
Next full vector illustration. I already appreciated the technical abilities of AD. But when doing illustration I noticed the ease of use compared to Illustrator. Just drag to clip, everything clearly laid out in the layers panel and not getting stuck in the transparency panel.
Playing around with gradients and blend modes. Could be an abstract book cover.

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This last one was actually finished with the official release of AD. Printed it as a poster as a present for my younger brother. I'm not an illustrator so getting human poses right or working with perspective are not my forte. With just two shades of each colour it was quite tricky to keep al the objects distinct. And I had difficulty keeping the amount of detail consistent. Especially the face and the hair seem a bit off to me.

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