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Convert single curve into rectangular object

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Hi everyone!
If there is a technique to convert single curve into an object which I could cut (mask) afterward?
Simply I need to make stroke of text transparent and also I need if the stroke cuts objects behind (my object is just a line made by pen). The image is going to be a transparent sticker and I would like separate a text from a roll( my lines) by empty spaces.
I have no idea how to do it in Affinity Designer  :unsure:
I attached example.


Thanks a lot




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because you need a transparent image at the end, I think you have to cut out the spaces. I don't know if it is the right way but you can achieve it like this...


(since we still don't have an offset tool, we have to use expand stroke)
1. write your text, set stroke width and align stroke to outside (stroke width will determine the space between your text and your lines later)
2. convert your text to path and go to Layer -> Expand Stroke (I've switched off visibility of the black text in the screenshot)
3. draw your lines with your appropriate stroke width; highlight your lines, go to Layer -> Expand Stroke and set Geometry -> add, now you have one "line-shape",
    make sure your line-shape is underneath your text
4. highlight the line-shape and all the expanded strokes -> Geometry -> Subtract 
5. now you have a cutted line-shape
6. Geometry -> divide and delete the small pieces
7. you're done ;-)








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Thank you a lot for such comprehensive  explanation . I follow your instruction and done it in my project. Also it is great tip from you to divide and delete the small pieces. Thank again  :) 

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you're welcome! happy that I could help you


So helpful! I've seen many people spend much of their time (not just a quick answer but real effort and examples of worked-solutions) for people in need of help. I hope to thank them all eventually. What a community! Thank you!

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