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Henry Stahle

[Multi] Export all layers script.

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I use Photoshop for illustration and sometimes Spine for animating my illustrations. I like to move over to Affinity. Spine is supporting different software with a script for exporting transparent PNGs from each layer. The script exports Photoshop layers as individual, cropped PNGs. It writes a JSON file that can be imported into Spine where the images will be displayed in the same positions and draw order using the name of the layers. If there was a script for Affinity I could finally move over from PS. I really like Affinity a lot better...


​So - is it possible making scripts for Affinity?


​(As I understand there is no such thing as exporting single layers from Affinity?)

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Affinity Photo Beta (1.5 rc) has macro functionality, whereby you can record your actions, so although it is not scripting per se, it offers some automation.

You may want to give that a try.


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Or you could use the Export Persona which already has support for generating Spine JSON files and PNG files from slices.

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Thank you for enlighten me on this subject! I promised myself also to read all Affinity documentation, it might help me understand some more of AP and AD...


I just tested the slice export function and a JSON script, and everything worked just as it should! Here you see the picture from AD to the right and the Spine setup directly from the script import!




Exellente! Thank you once more!



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