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[AD] Propagate symbol name when renaming

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When I rename a symbol in the Symbol panel, the new name does not propagate to instances of the symbol already on the page.


Also, could renaming and deleting be brought inline with other conventions within Designer...


  • Click the name in the Symbols panel to rename
  • Rename inline rather than a modal box
  • Select in Symbols panel and hit Delete key to delete

Thanks for your consideration.

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Yes! I just wanted to create the same feature request.


At least, give the user the option to choose, if they want to propagate the new name to all instances, for example:



1. via popUp


if I rename a symbol: a popup dialog could ask, if I only wanna rename the symbol (in the symbol panel) so that future symbols will use that name OR if I wanna have all instances renamed (the dialog could have an option box for remembering the users choice but could be altered in the preferences at any time afterwards of course)  


2. via options / preferences


3. via two separate options in the contextMenu of a symbol (rename symbol + rename symbol and instances)




Thanks guys for taking time to read and think about it.


Affinity Designer 1.6

Affinity Photo 1.6


macOS Sierra 10.12.6;

MacBookPro (13 inch, Early 2015); 3.1 GHz i7 CPU; 16 GB RAM

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