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AD - Media Browser

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In the Affinity Designer, the Media browser is a great tool but not so great. There should be 3 more features. 

1. Add custom folders by clicking any [+] sign, instead of only dragging folders into it. 

2. The folders in thumbnail section are not clickable. only tree expanding is possible to access content inside of folder. Please make folders click able and add [back] and [up] buttons too. (I'm sure you understand what i mean)

3. Also add a small option of sort by [name],,[date],[type] etc.

4. Please add keyboard arrows use too.. to browse in tree menu / thumbnail.


There is a bug too.. I will also post this into BUGS section. 

If we right click on Folders' thumbnail. we see two options. "open" and "view in finder".


That Open only blanks the thumbnail view   B)


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