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Export to Open File Format

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I've been learning my way around GIMP and Krita for the last year and have gotten pretty skilled at both. Been looking into more "professional" software but I refuse to pay for a cloud license. Been holding my breath for your Windows Beta and let me tell you it did not disappoint. You folks really have something great here.


The only problem is that I still have to use GIMP for a few things, mostly the Gmic plugin- which I realize would be difficult for you to support for licensing reasons.


Exporting to PDF has proven tricky. Sometimes it works flawlessly, but other times GIMP/Krita will remove all my layers and just merge everything to a single image. OpenEXR might work, but every time I try to export with layers I get an error message.


What would really solve this is if you guys supported an open format, such as the GIMP gcf format or even OpenRaster.


So far, this is the only thing that will keep me from happily paying for the program when the Windows Beta ends. You've made an excellent program here.

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I believe that GIMP supports PSD files, which Affinity Photo can both open and save.

Thank Peter,


It does, but with the majority of my files when I export to PSD both GIMP and Krita merge the layers into a single image.


The problem is just as likely on GIMP's support of the format as it is on Affinty's export capabilities.  An open format would avoid such issues.

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