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Where is command line to be found so as to fix aero requirement in windows ?

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I read in another post that to fix the issue of Affinity Designer keep insisiting on Aero mode when users are running Classic, and I hate Aero as they do,


First, after getting Designer installed today, I couldn't use it.  I'm on Windows 7 Pro 64, and I use the Windows Classic theme (don't like Aero).  When trying to load Designer, I would get a popup message that Designer would work better under the Aero theme, but when clicking off that message Designer would simply quit.  Tried multiple times, and it never got past the initial message.  Finally switched temporarily to Aero, and it ran fine.  Switched back to Classic, and nothing.  After posting about this in the Affinity thread in the Serif forum, though, Alfred came up with a great workaround.  By simply adding "--no-dwm-warning" to the command line, it not only bypassed the message but Designer ran fine.  Thanks again for that, Alfred.  A good thing to know for anyone else having that problem.



Where is the command line to type this into ? I assume this is a one off requirement.


This needs stickying to avoid others being unable to run AD.


I am a CAD user and a command line is a window to type commands into but in the tutorials I see on AD I see no command line ?



Secondly specs dont mention the screen Res I and others have of 1920 x 1280. I am running an expensive Eizo ColorEdge CG247 and its 1920 x 1280. ( as was its predecessor)  that is not mentioned in specs.



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Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums :)


You may have found the answer about command line change in the post linked to at the bottom of the installation FAQ, at the top of the Bugs on Windows forum.




A command line change can be done by making a shortcut to the Affinity executable and adding the parameter "--no-dwm-warning" to the exe in the shortcut's properties dialog.


If you haven't done this before it may be a lot to work out, but we don't expect users to do this. If you don't want to run with Aero, then the software is not really right for your computer. It may be best to ask for a refund, sorry.

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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so the command line is not in the progs interface but in the properties box for the shortcut, I would never have twigged that !


I am able to run a CAD prog on Classic, the poster who didnt use Aero was able to run AD, if I get problems then i wont raise them as they will be blamed on avoiding Aero, that is a bit of a blow, no support in other words if faults occur with its performance, but this is the first time I have come across a prog needing Aero or be told to forget it. I have loads of video CAD and raster progs. Aero messes with fundamental display of text in windows and caused me 3 months of trying to solve them until I found out about Aero being the cause. Aero can take a hike, forever ! 3 months to get an efficient functional PC, ended up using Classic Shell and Classic mode, as did 10,000 others.

A graphics prog needs crisp black text, even now text is not perfect thanks to an XP mod being dropped which gave perfect black text, thats the Msoft logic, if its perfect meddle with it. Just dread the day Msoft think we must use finger tips to do CAD with.



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Yeah, the fix I mentioned in that thread isn't really a fix, just a workaround, but seems to function fine for me.  No problems using Designer whatsoever without Aero as long as I use that additional command line parameter.


If you right-click your desktop shortcut (or program menu shortcut if you don't have a desktop shortcut), then click on Properties, just change the Target to the following:


"C:\Program Files\Affinity\Affinity Designer\Designer.exe" --no-dwm-warning


And it should work fine for you.  They say it makes AD run a little slower without Aero, but I haven't really noticed any difference in speed yet.


It's too bad it requires this workaround for those of us not using Aero, but it's a simple thing to make the shortcut change, and I'm glad to be trying out Designer now without having to switch over to Aero every time.


I'm happy with it...

A computer once beat me at chess.  Turns out, however, it was no match for me at kickboxing...

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I have use that fix, and it launches without asking for Aero then Ok seeing it vansih/fail.

Having opened a colour settings dialog, hit printscreen then launched photoshop I had a white rectangle the size of that dialog, the screen didnt refresh, minimising pshop, that white rectangle sat there on my desktop !

Hit F5 for refresh but nothing happened, by moving between progs it went eventually, scary.


Not had it since.


Then having created my first document in print mode, minimised AD, then maximised it and no document, started to zoom (mouse wheel set to zoom) and it reappeared as soon as I started to roll the mouse middle button, I can replicate this, minimise AD, maximise and its all grey each time.


Is this Aero not in use at work ? I am running an Nvidia GTX970 which can run a flight sim with everything at max ! I never ever get screen refresh issues.


I am not going to mess up my PC with that Aero mode though. I want nice black text, which XP gave us and aero removed. I run a lot of graphics progs and CAD and never get issues, why AD has to have Aero is annoying given it ruins graphics text in windows. No other prog I have needs it.


Can you CodeDog replicate these instances ?


I tried Aero and tried repeating them and couldnt, so it appears Aero is the reason/fix.


I am running 1920 x 1200 the only resolution the Eizo CG247W runs at, as did previous, which I saw wasnt in the resolution list, but its a common HD resolution ! It wouldnt be this at play would it ? Eizo wouldnt adopt a res incompatible with graphics and video. Why is such a common resolution not in the spec list ?



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On 12/4/2016 at 9:08 PM, Steve1 said:

Having opened a colour settings dialog, hit printscreen then launched photoshop I had a white rectangle the size of that dialog, the screen didnt refresh, minimising pshop, that white rectangle sat there on my desktop !

@Steve1 | @Vinckster That's the kind of bug we're talking about when Aero is disabled. If you disable DWM Composition (Aero is just a scheme but it requires this Composition mode too) then you make Windows switch back to a legacy GPU driver model, so you end up running less performant / less tested code than if you ran with DWM Composition enabled.

From Windows 8, DWM Composition is permanently enabled, so this is only an issue on Windows 7. It's also worth noting that Windows 7 is now officially unsupported from Microsoft, so it can be quite risky running Windows 7 on a machine that is connected to the internet. 

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