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Hi gang,

I'm a very happy user of Affinity Designer and Photo on Mac and Designer on Windows. I have recently started using these products exclusively for document preparation for printing. I have no problems setting the export features, but am wondering why we cannot see the bleed line from inside the Designer persona ? It is present in Illustrator and helps locating color boxes, photo placement to ensure proper cuts at the printers. Is this a deliberate omission or is there a setting that is hidden that I have not found ?

Another thing is the dissapearance of items when half on the artboard and half off. Could you not perhaps provide a subdued silhouette of the whole item instead of not showing it at all, sometimes the items are only very slightly on the artboard and you loose sight of them.


Just my $0.02 here, but definitely the bleed cut line is a MUST in the designer persona.



Gatineau, Quebec




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Hi strikeshield,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :) Thanks for your feedback.

Bleed Preview is coming in a future version/update. Regarding the second point you can change this for regular (non artboard) documents going to menu View ▸ View Mode and unchecking Clip to Canvas. For artboard based documents you can move the object freely to the canvas area and they still remain visible. Objects crossing the boundaries of the artboard are only visible inside the artboard area. Currently there's no way to change this. Feel free to add it to the Features Requests section if you find it useful.

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I was just looking for the same "feature". What can I say - something I have not said before...? Affinity continues to amaze me with their non-functioning feature set, that is left up to the customer to figure out whether certain things doesn't work due to a bug, or because they were put in there for "eye-candy" but not yet implemented.


As a result, I have to waste time to come to the forums, start searching, maybe someone has already posted a question about the "issue" and maybe I can find out if the issue in question is a bug or simply a not-yet-implemented feature.


For god's sake, why don't you just hide the un-implemented features and make them available when they are truly working and available!?


My main tool is illustrator, but every once in a blue moon I start up ADesigner to see if it's in working condition yet. And every time I end up closing it.


The "5 year in the making" constantly resonates in my ear. So if ADesigner was released in, what, 2014 (?) it means since 2009 you guys were working on putting features in the UI that doesn't work yet. Nice! (...sarc...)

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For god's sake, why don't you just hide the un-implemented features and make them available when they are truly working and available!?


Umm.. bleed works just fine and I would be really pissed if it were hidden from user. There is just the bleed guide missing. (Though I do not use artboards so things may be more complicated there,, in plain page usage bleeds are working fine.)

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I didn't think bleed worked either and have spent ~10 hours just trying to get it to work. Finally I had a breakthrough.


Make the document size exactly how you want it after it has been trimmed. Then apply the bleed measurement that your printer needs.

Then create a background box that extends beyond the document to the (document+bleed total measurement).


Not try exporting with your PDF Export>PDF>More>Include Bleed


I was in the habit of creating my document, bigger than it needed to be, then setting an internal/negative bleed. Maybe some printers need it done like this and that's why I got used to doing that way. Who cares, solved now!!


Hope this helps those of you frustrated by AD Bleeds

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Something I have done in Photoshop is create the file to the finish size I require, place guides all around the edges and then grow the canvas by the amount of bleed, i.e. .5in on both sides = 1" more horizontally and vertically. Its a work around, but Photoshop also does NOT have bleed settings like Illustrator.

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