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Less confusing naming for snapping options

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Hi guys. This had me confused for a longer while and I think could be named better. 


In the snapping options, AD currently has "Snap to shape key points" and "Snap to object geometry".


I was looking for an option to snap to nodes, which I think is the most common use case. I thought it would be under "Snap to shape key points", since I wasn't sure what you call a point/node/vertex/key point/control point in AD lingo (I mean, every program seems to have its own naming). I was very confused to see that it resulted in snapping to curves or their extensions; this is exactly what I thought the second option does (geometry). Turns out "key points" are actually extended guides from any objects (which in my document translates to "random lines at crazy angles appearing everywhere"), and "object geometry" means curves and nodes with preference given to nodes.


May I suggest renaming it like so:


Snap to object geometry > Snap to nodes, edges and intesections


Snap to shape key points > Snap to points of importance and extended edges or whatever this is actually supposed to do, I'm not super clear on this despite reading help and trying to use it in my document.


Or maybe the snapping options need to be broken down a little further?



Disclaimer: I like AD and respect its creators. I only criticize it because I want to make it better.

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