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iPad or iPhone App to use device as 2nd screen for Tool etc.

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Dear Affinity - Team,

I was wondering if it would be possible for Serif to offer a iPad / iPhone App to use the Device as 2nd Screen for quick selection of Tools, filters, Layers or other stuff, to use the screen of the MacBook or MacBook Pro for an lager Workspace to see the photo or image the user is working on.


The Connection between the devices would be via Bluetooth or the local WiFi.


Best regards,


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Never thought about this, but I have an even better use case for pairing desktop and tablet instances of Affinity designer open on the same document.


I'd call it "Time out mode". The idea would be to be able to select  object/symbol/group on the desktop - that is a single editing unit - and have it appear (out of context) that is with all the noise of adjoining and back ground objects and context related commands stripped away and with the tools set relevant only to that object's form and attributes optimised for close touch/stylus based free form action. 


It wouldn't work if changes weren't reflected back to the main board in (near) real time. 


I don't know if iOS (and or Android and Surface if that's the goal) make this viable. But it would be great to have a touch optimised editing mode for some more creative object styling integrated with the iPad's excellent ergonomics. 

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Duet for iPad does that and the pro version turns it into a Cintiq... although Astropad seems to be better at the Cintiq-ness of it all...

2021 16” Macbook Pro w/ M1 Max 10c cpu /24c gpu, 32 GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Ventura 13.6

2018 11" iPad Pro w/ A12X cpu/gpu, 256 GB, iPadOS 17

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