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No CMYK Color Profile on EPS Import/Export

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AD surely can import/export EPS file in CMYK color mode. Only the problem is, it doesn't seem include color profile in it.




Hi. I bought Affinity Designer for Windows this morning (GMT+7). For now, I can't give a deep review for the software, but judging from the overview of user interface and features, I can safely say it's a good software.


But I have some problems here.


1. When I import an EPS file produced by other software, there's a warning said: Affinity Designer assigned your working profile (U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2) to this unprofiled document. The document I opened has specific CMYK Color Profile, but it's somehow ripped off when I load it into AD.


2. When I export some artwork using AD (using any CMYK profile) to EPS file, then I import the file back to AD, it prompt the same warning as point 1 above.


Is there a problem with the Export/Import feature? Is there any workaround about that? Or I just missed something (I hope so)?


I have tried some suggestions in forums I found when googling, like changing Postscript level from 3 to 2 in Export dialog, but it didn't work. Other people also suggests that the problem only lies on Import, not on Export. But (I'm not sure though, but I think I have a basis here), I opened EPS exported from AD using Notepad++, I search word cmyk, I could only find the line /DeviceCMYK setcolorspace. In other EPS produced by other software, there are a lot of line with word cmyk in many code other than /DeviceCMYK setcolorspace. I think it has something to do with color profile.


Explanation/answer on this topic would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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I found this thread on the topic: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/319069


The short version is that I don't believe EPS files have a well-formed notion of colour profiles, but obviously some extension of EPS now accommodates this. We currently don't import or export this type of EPS but there is no reason why we couldn't in the future.


You will get more/less mentions of CMYK in your output file if you have used CMYK/RGB colours in your document, so don't let that metric mislead you when you manually inspect the files you're generating... :)




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Ah... It surely answers my problems... or now I prefer, curiousity. Because it turns out nothing problematic here. Surely I have to learn a lot about AD.


Thanks for the enlightening answer, Matt!

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