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Designer crashes when switching between Edit in Photo and Edit In Designer

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On my Windows 10 Home Designer crashes when I open a file with a large size, eg. 60 megabytes Designer and switch to Edit in Photo. Sometimes falls to more switched round in Photo Edit, Edit in Designer etc.


Sometimes Designer crashes when a different action when the project switched from Affinity Photo.


My programs: 

 - Affinity Designer for Windows (full version after purchase)

 - Affinity Photo Beta for Windows


My device:

 - Windows 10 home

 - 8 GB ram

 - CPU i7

 - Intel HD Graphics 4000



My friend who is also a full version of Designer crashes too.


Below join screenshots.




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Hi Millee,

Welcome to the Affinity Forums, and thank you for purchasing Affinity Designer. This is a known issue that has now been fixed, so when we release a patch for Designer it should stop crashing! :)

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I am running Affinity Photo (Trial) and Affinity Designer (Trial)  on Windows 10. When I start a new document in Photo, do a small amount of work on it, and then Edit in Designer... everything's good. When I do a little more work on it in Designer and then Edit in Photo, I get this message: "Failed to launch Photo. An unrecoverable error occurred while trying to hand over to the other app. The document will now close." This has happened three times when doing slightly different work on the same project. Since switching between programs is an important feature for me, before I purchase both I'd like to be assured the bug can be fixed.

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